Workplace Pride is proud to announce that the Dutch Central Government has joined the organization as a Foundation Leader.

The cooperation between the Dutch Central Government and Workplace Pride actually goes back almost a decade when the SHK – Stichting Homosexualiteit en Krijgsmacht (Foundation for Homosexuality and Army) spearheaded the Dutch Ministry of Defense to join Workplace Pride. This was followed closely by the Ministries of Infrastructure and Water Management (Rijkswaterstaat), Ministry of Justice and Security (Justitie en Veiligheid ) and finally the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Buitenlandse Zaken).

It is with the latter that Workplace Pride has engaged the most, with cooperative events & activities in 12 countries, most recently in the Colorful Workplaces Conference in Kenya last week of which the Dutch Embassy in Nairobi was a sponsor.

But there has also been close cooperation over the years with the government’s own LGBTI organization, Dutch Government Pride (DGP). DGP has been the consistent voice of the Dutch Public Sector in LGBTI workplace issues, particularly as the public sector often works within different parameters and different decision-making models than the private sector. DGP ensures that this angle is included in the workplace.

“By joining Workplace Pride, the entire Dutch Central Government sends a strong signal that workplaces all over the country, and indeed within its own ranks, need to continue to work on LGBTI inclusion” says Marion Tahapary-Keislair, Co-Chair of DGP and Board Member of Workplace Pride.


“We fully understand that LGBTI inclusion is still a work in progress.” says Olav Welling, Director of the Department of Civil Service within the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations “Being part of the greater dialogue in society on this topic is important for our Ministries, our Government and for all citizens and residents in the Netherlands”.

Workplace Pride and the Dutch Central Government will continue to systematically cooperate on research (through the KPN-sponsored Workplace Pride Chair at Leiden University), on outreach (through the RVO and Dutch Visitors Program) through specific programs such as the Global Benchmark, and in Dutch Embassies and activities all over the world.

For more information on DGP, contact: Marion Tahapary-Keislair

For more information on Workplace Pride, contact: David Pollard

The Dutch Government Joins Workplace Pride